Southampton House of Prayer (SoHOP)

The prayer room is open again after the summer break.
During August we felt the Holy Spirit lead us to go prayer walking around the Flowers Estate and also in Weston and Sholing. It was exciting to get out and pray with people from those places and get a feel for what God is doing in those areas. We are continuing to pray as God leads and there will be more prayer walks soon.
Our theme is currently "thankfulness" and we have a short overview of the importance of thanksgiving on our website.
We welcome everyone to come and pray during the day on Saturdays, or sign up at to come to the early morning or late night sessions. We have special times of worship on the second Friday of each month from 9pm to 10.30pm.
This is surely a season for more prayer - please make use of us!
Prayerful momentum is building
Like us, you are probably going to start seeing this four letter word (help) everywhere in your bible!
Let’s take God up on this in our prayers, seeking His help. We invite you to join us, to spread the invitation, and to share this news with your church family. It’s time to pray for God’s help to come to us in Southampton.
 - make time regularly for your 1 to 1 with God and get His help
 - let faith rise up as you pray for His help in Southampton
 - be attentive for how he wants to use you as His help to those around
What is the house of prayer?
Since January this year, Southampton House of Prayer has been open every Saturday between 9am and 6pm. People from across the city are dropping in to spend some time in prayer.
This can mean a 1 to 1 with God. People have been sensing God’s loving presence in the prayer room and telling us about how encouraged, uplifted or comforted they have been.
As well has having a 1 to 1 with God, we are gathering to pray for Southampton. People who have never met before are making new friends as they join with others to pray for our city.

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