Red Bus Project : End of an Era

Red Bus250It is with a sense of celebration of the past, yet recognition of the present that we sadly have to inform you that the Red Bus Project is coming to an end.

For over five years the Red Bus Project has served some of the more challenging locations across the city and beyond; aiding youth work to be carried out wherever it was needed. Many people of all ages have accessed the bus and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and a chat in a welcoming environment. The bus has also been used at various community events, fun days and worked closely with Southampton City Council especially in areas of concern or where youth provision was lacking.

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and our ageing 1970s vehicle is not exempt. A number of mechanical issues have recently arisen which sadly deem the vehicle beyond economical repair. Coupled with the fact that many financial supporters of the bus have had to cut their budgets, it leaves us with little alternative.

However it doesn’t end there for New Community, the organisation that has overseen the excellent work of the Red Bus Project. They remain more committed than ever in reaching and supporting the community. In a time when community provision is being withdrawn they are looking at creative ways to partner with other agencies to increase their activity.

For those who have supported, volunteered, encouraged, attended, given finances or even driven the Red Bus Project we want to say a huge thank you.