Prophetic Word for Southampton - 2001

In 2001, Iain Anderson received the following prophetic word for the city of Southampton. This is a word which has been weighed by various leaders and we feel it expresses something of what God is doing in our city now, and also what we would like to pray into being for the future.
Maid in the Mist
I saw Southampton as the ‘Maid of the Mist’ – the boat on the Niagara River that takes people to the base of the Niagara Falls in Canada. The city of Southampton, like the boat, approached the Horseshoe Falls and was deluged from above by the downpour of water and mist.

From out of the bows of ‘Southampton’ came black, polluted water that had a terrible stench. But as the flow continued the water became clean and clear. The city had been cleansed and now from her beautiful life-giving waters flowed to other parts of Hampshire, and from there, to the nation and beyond. Wherever the river went, cleansing, healing, miracles and salvation occurred.

Over the next few days I prayed about what I had seen…

As part of this cleansing process great waves were breaking over the city from God through his people. These were waves of prayer and intercession, worship, healing and salvation. Between each wave there were periods of warfare. Sometimes the warfare was powerful but these were accompanied by increasingly powerful times of prayer and intercession and worship at a level we had never experienced. These were times when God’s presence was manifest among us. There were also times of brokenness, tears and repentance – repentance particularly from unbelief. Angels visited. Wonderful things were happening to the children. Miracles were happening among us.

I saw a cleansing fire among us burning up the dross of fears and insecurities that were crippling many. There was a tremendous sense of the holiness of God and the fear of the Lord. The fire was spreading throughout the whole city – especially among the large housing estates –Thornhill, Harefield, Millbrook, Shirley, Bitterne, Woolston, Merryoak, Weston… The entire city was being touched.

People were flocking to Southampton from many places across Britain and abroad, to be in God’s presence and to be a part of what God was doing here. The churches in Southampton were partnering together in a new and dynamic way. There was a new level of love, trust and unity as they worked together in pulling in the heavy net full of fish.

I was aware of singing and dancing in the streets; people were waving banners and flags. The Southampton football ground was packed with the ‘saints’ praising God and rejoicing together with great joy. The worship was tremendous, miracles were taking place and thousands were getting saved; there was also an unprecedented move of God among the children – miracles and angelic visitations.

Finally I felt God was saying that it was time for the church to wake up, stand up, and rise up – the time is short and the enemy is busy. And that it is essential that we are in the place where God wanted us – awake, alert, watchful.

The Lord is coming soon for his spotless, beautiful bride.

Iain Anderson, 06/08/2009